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Program Benefits

The McNair Scholars Program offers a variety of services and resources that assist students with preparing for graduate school and successfully completing graduate applications. Once admitted to the program, students receive the following free services:

  • Summer research internships with a generous stipend
  • Six KU academic credits (three in independent study and three in research methods)
  • The mentorship of a KU faculty member
  • Tutoring in any course
  • GRE test preparation
  • Workshops on topics related to the graduate school application process
  • Academic, career and personal counseling
  • Individualized graduate school application assistance
  • All-expense paid trips to regional and national conferences┬╗
  • Access to photocopiers, computers, color printers, a fax machine, and office supplies
  • Access to the McNair Lending Library
  • The opportunity to publish their research in the Kansas McNair Journal
  • The opportunity to present their research at the KU McNair Research Symposium
  • The ability to borrow technology such as laptops and digital recorders

In addition, over 200 graduate schools offer application fee waivers for McNair Scholars, and a growing number offer fellowships specifically reserved for McNair Scholars.

Graduate Schools Offering Application Fee Waivers and Fellowships for McNair Scholars┬╗