A Federal TRIO Program

Eric Rivera

Architectural Engineering
Primary office:


Research Interests: Indoor air quality, sustainable energy technologies, energy modeling, computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer of buildings, differential geometry

Faculty Mentor: Jae Chang, Ph.D.; Lingjia Liu, Ph.D.

Anticipated Graduation: May 2014

About Me: I am a senior in architectural engineering interested in building mechanical and energy systems. I am very grateful for the opportunities that the McNair Scholars Program has provided me! Through McNair, I was able to discover a love for research and pursue two research projects with two faculty mentors. It was also through McNair that I was able to discover my career interests.

After graduation, I plan to pursue graduate study in either Architectural Engineering or Materials Science. Eventually, I would like to work at a national laboratory researching and developing building technologies that can help minimize energy consumption. Outside of the classroom, you can find me either volunteering or being actively involved in various organizations. I also like to draw, go to concerts and coming up with harebrained schemes to get rich from.