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Joy Mosier-Dubinsky

Classical Antiquity
Primary office:


Research Interests: Gender and sexuality in the ancient world

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexander E. Hall

About Me: A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Joy lives in Overland Park, KS, with her son, daughter, and vindictive cat.  She enrolled at Johnson County Community College in the summer of 2011, hoping to – at long last – determine what she wanted to be when she grew up. Latin I revealed a fierce and all-encompassing love of classical antiquity lurking within her heart, and it was quickly determined that the scholarly life of researching, writing, and teaching would suit just fine (the “growing up” part has been, however, shelved until further notice).  As a member of the honors program at JCCC, Joy published three papers, two of which were presented at state and regional honors conferences.  For her McNair research, and under the guidance of the Best Mentor, Ever, Joy explored the treatment of women within the work of biographer, historian, and moralist Plutarch, whose vast corpus serves to inform much of Western history and our understanding of the ancient world.  In addition to the McNair Scholars Program, Joy works as a Writing Consultant and Writing Fellow through the KU Writing Center.