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Ruaa Hassaballa

Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Primary office:


Major: Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Year: Senior

Research Interests: Medical Research

Faculty Mentor: Peter Ukpokodu, PhD

Anticipated Graduation: May 2014

About Me: I am a medical lab senior interested in the healthcare of vulnerable populations. I was born in Sudan, and moved to the United States at age 7. I’ve always had a passion for communities, and love to be involved with both my American and African communities. I love learning languages, traveling, music and spending time with family and friends. I hope to pursue a career which allows her to work on improving healthcare quality for patients. 

My research with Dr. Peter Ukpokodu, chairman of the African and African American Studies Department, is titled "Minority Healthcare Gap: History's Possible Effect on Minority Trust of Physicians and Care." This research looked at the healthcare disparities facing the African and African American patient population and was presented at the Heartland Research Conference. I am also co-president of my Clinical Lab Science class, and one of two ambassadors for the School of Health Professions on the Student Diversity Council.