Center for Educational Opportunity Programs

Mission Statement & Values


The mission of the KU TRIO McNair Scholars Program is to diversify the academic and research fields by preparing low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented college students for the Ph.D.  In concert with KU’s Bold Aspirations, we provide “engaged and experiential learning” through research and scholarly activities to produce lifelong learners and leaders who represent the diversity of our society at large.


Our core values drive our daily efforts and reflect the commitment by which we work to fulfill our mission and objectives of the program.

ENGAGEMENT: We are committed to working cooperatively in the KU community and academia at large, focusing on networking and collaboration, emphasizing the importance of active learning, and fostering the value of natural curiosity to develop and strengthen critical thinking, for our scholars.

ADVOCACY: We are committed to defending and advancing the ideals of equal educational opportunities for all students. We champion our scholars, believing in the value and relevancy of low-income, first generation college students in higher education and society.

OPPORTUNITY: We strive to broaden educational access for our scholars by increasing their research and scholarly experiences and by providing them with necessary skills and resources to be successful in the global world.

DIVERSITY: We value the diverse perspectives, identities, and experiences of our community and we strive to prepare future leaders who represent this diversity within higher education.

RESILIENCY: We strive to teach our scholars the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity, to provide support and encouragement to overcome the economic, social, financial, institutional, and personal structures that may challenge their ability and motivation to achieve and succeed.

DISCOVERY: We value the pedagogic contribution of our scholars and we are dedicated to cultivating the intellectual advancement of every scholar through rigorous research and scholarly activities across the disciplines.

EMPOWERMENT: We promote self-confidence by creating a safe and positive learning environment that challenges and supports our scholars to take risks, be accountable, and achieve academic excellence.